What is energy balance?

How does energy balance relate to dieting?

What is metabolism?

What is metabolic adaptation?

Why does it happen?

How do I fix it?

“Weight loss isn’t the goal, sustaining weight loss is the goal”

Energy Balance

The first law of thermodynamics also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another [1]. …

“Strength training is not optimal for losing weight”

“Cardio is the most optimal form of exercise to lose weight”

“Strength training = Big. Bulky. Muscular. Weight gain.”

“I just want to look toned”

“Toned = Cardio>Strength training”

“Toned = low weight / high reps”

“I’m too old to be strength training”

“Strength training = injuries”

“Strength training isn’t optimal for sport specific athletes”

“My goals don’t align with strength training”

I’ve heard these statements time and time again and as an educator who will forever value strength training, I think that it is important to share why I do. You…

Miranda Fino

Just an Exercise Sports Science major sharing as much knowledge as I can!

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